what’s going on guys chat barley here today and today I’m going to show you how to find high converting offers for affiliate marketing now I’m gonna go over max bounty clickbank stuff like that and I’m gonna show you how you can actually see how well this offer converts through a website a free website tool I use so let’s go and get into this video and I’ll see you soon all right what’s going on guys thanks for tuning in today I’m really excited to show you guys how to find if you’re at if the offer you pick for your affiliate marketing business actually converts okay this is really important because you don’t want to put money into ads and put all your time into it if they you if it’s not converting so I’m going to show you this cool tool oh and also guys if you haven’t joined our private Facebook group it’s called the Philly marketing mastermind group I’ll link in the description it’s a free group we network and communicate each other be sure to join that and I’ll be happy to have you in there you can ask questions and also if you haven’t already go download my free guide in the description it’s time to make a hundred dollars a day with affiliate marketing and also if you do need extra help I’ve been doing a lot of consultation calls helping people out getting their first sales within a day so if you want to book a call with me I’ll link that in the description too so anyways with that being said let’s move into this video cool tool so first we’re going to go find an offer we’re gonna go to clickbank in this example alright so let’s just go to the marketplace and then we’ll just do a quick search alright I usually search by gravity alright so now we can see all these different offers on you know you can see the the sale price the gravity school or stuff like that so we’re just gonna pick a random one so unlock your hip flexors so let’s check out this one alright this doesn’t look like a bad paid you know good sales page so we’re just gonna grab this link right here alright and then we’re gonna go to a tool called similarweb calm alright so this is a completely free tool I’m not like trying to sell you guys any on this or anything it’s completely free there is paid version I don’t use it though it’s not necessary so let’s see all right so now once you get your URL for this just paste that in here in the search bar all right so let me move me alright so now it’s gonna show all these cool analytics about that website it’s gonna show the total visits so we got five hundred seven thousand visits all right so that’s kind of pouring you know alright so now you can see average visit duration you got one minute in three seconds so this tells me it’s a pretty good offer then you can also see pages per visit all right so this is means how many steps in the funnel they wish how many steps they went in this funnel so if they went if they click get started now and then take them to the order page it would show like – if every single person did this but this shows 1.16 so that shows that 16% of people goes to the next page all right now the bounce rate for this one is really high so what bounce rate means is is they landed on the page and then they clicked off so 75% I don’t like that that’s super high for me I like to keep it under forty even thirty all right so just because I just I saw this this bounce rate I’m not gonna do this offer any more all right so I’m just gonna go find another one alright so let’s do paly Hawks cookbooks alright so all we do is grab the URL paste it into here alright wait for this to load up now this one looks a lot better all right we got 50 seconds 3000 total 35 percent bounce rate so we just went from 70 percent to 35 percent so that’s twice as many people are staying on this page versus other one so that was I mean we’re most likely gonna get twice as many conversions for if we promote this offer versus the other one all right so another cool tool so always look at this the engagement one and now you can go down and scroll by country so United States is always gonna be the top one because we’re so we have so many people using the internet and buying stuff so in my experience the United States is always top one but you want to look at this United Kingdom Canada India and Brazil all right all these countries I would split to us on my ad sets all right so I find my promoting this to Facebook I would do one outset we the United States one outset with United Kingdom one outset with Canada and maybe one outset with India all right now the reason I do this is because when you get an offer on Facebook all right when you start promoting offer on Facebook using Facebook accounts and you put multiple different countries Facebook is only gonna optimize for one’s country so you don’t know if the other countries gonna do well so that’s when you get the split test them by location so I’ll do one outset with the United States one answer you know I can so you can kind of get the picture then also United States is always gonna be the highest cost per click because we have the most you know warm leads here I guess but you know you want to capitalize on these other countries that are visiting these websites so like you see this one this is a 36% rise so you you’re gonna want to target United Kingdom and you’re gonna get a cheaper cost per click that way rather than if you’re just turning united states and I might convert higher to because you see how it’s going up so much all right so that’s another thing you can look for so I usually do like three to five locations at least okay and now you can look at traffic sources so we got referrals which is affiliates 20% 61% so now you can see okay how many Philly marketers are acts making the sales through this offer so 20% that’s pretty good you know so now you can look down and keep going alright so now you can see where these referrals came from are they from big websites and maybe you can target these websites too with Facebook or Google Ads stuff like that and then you can also see the search so search is 100% organic so there’s actually no paid traffic for this for this offer so maybe you could capitalize on doing Google our keyword since no one else does or maybe it’s a bad idea because no one else did it and it probably doesn’t work so you know you can get a lot of ideas from this website that’s really really liked about it so you can see social all right so how do you know if it’s gonna do well on Facebook all right look at this you got Facebook 69% of people from Facebook all right so that tells me that this offer works on Facebook all right I’m gonna have you know good success promoting this on Facebook if I target the right countries you know make my landing page good target the right people and promote on Facebook you got 70% here all right so you got YouTube Pinterest Yahoo answer so I’ll go faith Facebook on this one and then there’s some more stuff display advertising I don’t really pay attention to this stuff see what else there is all right now you got audience interests so everyone who visited this website you can see their audience in audience interest so you got food and drinking sports you can get more you know more in-depth stuff on audience insights and Facebook so I’m actually gonna show you guys that so this tool I basically just use for the stuff I talked about so now if you want to see how to actually target it go on Facebook all right and now go to go to your Facebook Ads account my computer’s being slow all right so now we can go to audience insights alright so just pick everyone on Facebook and then alright so what is this paleo all right so we’re just gonna type in paleo hey Paleolithic diet all right so now Facebook is gonna show everyone everyone that with this interest so now you can see the demographic so you got 80% woman 88% woman 12% man so maybe focus on you could do all at first but maybe focus on woman and then for age just go anything over like 10% so you got 25 through 65 so our target you know people who are 25 and 65 plus all right so now I can go to page likes and you can see all these people what kind of page likes they like so you got the paleo secret so now you can look on here and then you can go in and target them on Facebook when you’re running your ass it sounds a million likes so yeah I’m target this one you know you can look at all of these and you can do all kinds of stuff with this all right you can see location here you can see exact cities if you want to target that and then you got activity so that’s not too important you got household income so you could target a specific income on Facebook also outside size all that all right and then go to purchases and you can see everything else they purchase and stuff so you know this is the nitty-gritty stuff you know I just pay attention to page likes and demographics mostly that’s really the real targeting comes in but you can also see education level relationship status so maybe only target married people all right once you get more narrow down your targeting so that’s kind of what I want to show you guys today I found these two tools really helpful especially this one with the bounce rate and it shows you you know the average visit duration to see if you know if you don’t want to drive a bunch of traffic there if they’re just going to bounce off and not gonna stay there long you know so you want to get a low bounce rate a high average visit duration and a high pages per visit so this is almost two that’s really good all right so and then also pay attention to the locations and all that kind of stuff so I really hope you guys found this video helpful and please smash that like button if you found it helpful it’ll help me out and yeah we’ll go from there if you’re new here be sure to subscribe or coming out with great videos affiliate marketing cpa marketing entrepreneurship stuff like that so good to hear subscribe and I will see you guys in the next video thank you for watching [Music]

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