Essential Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Essential Tools for Affiliate Marketing

hey what’s up guys it’s John I’m from Jonah – Armstrong calm feel free to connect with me on Facebook for slice John Armstrong 1980 we can chat here about anything you want if you’ve got any questions you want to ask me feel free to to get in touch here and we can talk about stuff so in this video this is the second video in my Affiliate roadmap series where I’m gonna be talking about how to start affiliate marketing from zero with absolutely zero money in your pocket and this is exactly what I did what I would do if I had to go back to 0 and had to start Philly a marketing all over again starting tomorrow so this is exactly what I’m telling you to do follow the steps and you’ll start making money within the next month I guarantee it okay so what I want to talk about in this video is some of the tools that you’re going to need to start making money with affiliate marketing now there are some pay tools and there are some free tools but for the sake of these videos I’m gonna be talking about the free tools that you want to be using now two essential tools that I use in my business every single day YouTube Facebook so you can use these both to start off if you’ve got absolutely no money whatsoever and you can start making money very very soon with both of these tools and they’re scalable as well now scalable means that the more effort are the more money you put into it the more money you make out of it and especially with YouTube and well both of them used to YouTube and Facebook you’re gonna be using these in every single step of your business the more advanced you get you’re still going to be using Facebook and YouTube so just see it as the foundation for what we’re going to be doing in affiliate marketing and once you master them then you’re gonna be taking them with you for the next step of your journey and they’re going to remain with you for the rest of your journey as well so it’s important that you do master these two softwares these two tools so the best thing about them both is their absolutely free to use they’re free to set up and it’s a tool for marketing that you can use this that’s 100 percent free so I personally prefer to use youtube over Facebook even though I do use Facebook a lot in my business as well but YouTube is my preferred tool for marketing and especially because you can start making commissions pretty much straightaway as soon as you’ve got these campaigns set up in YouTube and it’s 100% free to use as I said before and I’m going to be talking about this in the next video which is all about launch jacking which is one of my favorite methods to start making money straightaway as in the next 24 hours you could start generating money and you don’t need to pay for any traffic it’s a hundred percent free so one of the best methods for you for newbies to get started with now a lot of people when they first get into YouTube or when they first get into affiliate marketing they don’t want to put their face on camera okay some of them have legitimate excuses for example they work in in an office or they work in an environment where they they don’t want their boss or somebody to know that they’re doing this affiliate marketing on the side and they could get in trouble but to be honest your boss or other people are not going to be watching youtube videos about courses that are launching our different products and stuff like that so it’s really not not something you need to worry about if you don’t have a good enough excuse then you don’t have an excuse really it’s something that you need to get over you need to get used to putting your face on camera and talking to the camera reason being is that it installs trust into people okay it installs trust and it and it shows people your character it shows people that you you know what you’re talking about you you might be an authority or it’s just a means of communicating with people and if you don’t have your face on there I’m telling you people are less likely to buy from you because they don’t know who you are they can’t see your face on it facial expressions they can’t tell whether you’re full of crap or not and they just don’t trust you so they’re less likely to buy with you so the Sunni that you can get over this excuse of I don’t want to put my face on camera the better okay and it’s very very hard to make money especially with higher ticket items if you’re not going to put your face on camera I’m telling you it’s very very difficult so to make life easier you need to start getting used to this okay you need to get used to it so and also with YouTube later on down the line you can actually use this for advertising it’s a great way of scaling with paid traffic it’s one of the best paid traffic sources out there one of the best converting sources out there for traffic so I can’t recommend it enough and you know that the further we get along with the times you know it’s 2017 now more and more people are looking to YouTube then to Google and are anywhere else when they’re looking for reviews on products or when they’re looking for advice on how to do stuff or they’re looking for you know how to do different things they go into YouTube now I mean it’s the second largest search engine after Google and I think that it’s actually gonna overtake Google in the next couple of years and the generations that coming out now they’re all about video they don’t want to read books they want to learn from video so it’s something that you should be getting on you should be jumping on this bandwagon right now because it’s gonna be big okay it’s gonna be the biggest platform so how do you start a YouTube channel well it’s pretty easy I’m just gonna give you an example of this this guy here’s one of my favorite guys on YouTube I’ve learned so much from from Franklin Hatchett you should check out his his videos and check his channel Franklin Hatchett had to with a TT he’s got a ton of videos on here like hundreds of videos and most of his videos are tutorials he’s helping people out some of his stuff is he’s promoting some things but he does it very subtly and he’s a really really really good example of a good youtuber because he’s out there to help people now to set up your channel obviously you need to you need to have a Google account you need to have a gmail account and then you would go over to you would go over to a let me just open up a new tab open up Google so you click on here and you would go to YouTube there okay and then you would start to set up your account we just go to my channel so to get these background images you need to you want to make your channel look quite nice you need to you need a personal image and you need this background images a place where you can get that for free is a website called canva canv a canva comm and then if you look over on be able to create a design you’ve given all these different templates okay social media post documents blogging in ebooks and what these are they’re they’re they’re custom-made for these different platforms so for example if we go to social media no it’s not under social media there’s something here that says YouTube YouTube channel out there you go and you also got thumbnails as well but YouTube channel art so you just click on there and you can create your hopes you can create your banner for your YouTube channel here so you’ve got all these templates that you can choose from over here just click on one of them and then you can this is this looks like a paid one okay let’s just use a free one so you can you can click on here you can edit the text you can edit the the background if you want it’s really simple to do once you’ve done that you just click on download and then you would simply upload it here to our YouTube channel and then you can you can add your website you have to add you actually have to add a website but if you don’t have a website yet don’t worry you don’t have to add it just yet don’t worry about it that’s it so once you’ve got your channel set up you can start making videos from your phone from your from your laptop and then you can upload them here there’s also another free software that you can use to actually do a screen recording like this and have you have your webcam on there it’s called let me just have a look screen screen cast O Matic yes this one here and they they have a free version of it which goes up to 15 minutes if you record over 15 minutes you can you have to go for the paid version but it’s suffice is I mean for it for most of stuff that you’re going to be doing especially with launch Jack in 15 minutes is enough so you just log in or you sign up and then you can download screencast-o-matic and you can start recording once you’ve done that then you use this upload tab here to upload it to your YouTube channel that’s it now for Facebook groups what you want to be doing is you really want to buy a course about this if you want to know how to do it properly there there is a course called it’s called instant instant social profits if you click instant social social profits review you can find my video here’s number one and you can buy it it’s really really good it’s going to tell you exactly how you can set up your Facebook groups but basically I can’t remember how to do it now I think you go over here on the right and you can create a new group create a group and then you name your group you can make it a closed group or a public group you want to go for a public group and yeah you can personalize it that way but I’m not an expert with Facebook groups but if you like I said if you want to know about how to do it then check out type in instant social profits review and then you will find you’ll find my video there and you can buy it through my link I think it’s only about twelve dollars and it’s totally worth it it’s gonna give you everything you need to know so that’s it you need to you need to set up a YouTube channel you need to set up a Facebook group okay also you need to set up an account with warrior plus with jvzoo set set up an account with the warrior forum it’s recommended we’re not going to be doing anything with the warrior forum just yet but it’s recommended to have that later on and oh yeah on your regular on your regular Facebook account you want to be adding all of the other marketers on there so for example you can go to my you can go to my facebook page at forceless Jones for 1980 take a look at my friends most of them are all marketers go there and add all of all of these people okay because you you’re going to want to get in touch with them later on down the line when you’re requesting review copies and stuff like that for people’s products is important that you do that so go out and do that as soon as you can take action on it and in the next video we’re going to be talking about launch jacking with YouTube which in my opinion is the easiest way to start making commissions as quickly as possible without having to invest in any paid traffic or anything else or even have your own blog so we’ll get into that in the next video and I’ll see you then bye

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