Gong But Not A Cymbal

Gong But Not A Cymbal

Gong But Not A Cymbal

Making a Gong (A Plan, Not A Cymbal)

A not so well-known definition of Gong is a dedicated set of work actions you have committed to for a set period of time – in my case, 12 weeks or 84 days. Most gongs can go for 100 days, but I prefer a shorter time frame.

This Gong is not in isolation, but is an integral part of my Walkabout Solopreneur path.

Life is a matter of kung fu meaning literally “eat bitter” with the meaning for us unenlightened folk as “hard work”.

Over the course of these planning reboots I have started on, I have made the same mistake every person with a New Year’s Eve Resolution has made which is taking on too much at a time.

My first Gong will have only 1 “goal”. 100% vegan diet. That means raw fruits and vegetables, a big honking salad every day, and vegan bean soup for most of my protein. I could introduce grains like oats and rice if necessary, but until my diabetes is under control, that won’t happen.

The real purpose of going vegan originally was to control and even reverse my type II diabetes. I occasionally lapsed with whey protein in a shake, or some flavored coffee creamer with a tiny bit of dairy, but not much more.

It didn’t work. Grains and processed foods have kept my numbers high even with exercise. The only thing that worked was fasting. And I’m tired of fasting.

I can see why so many diabetes gurus preach intermittent fasting. If I go 16 to 18 hours without eating, I can get my blood sugar down to about 100 to 120. Eat a heavy meal of rice and beans or potatoes, and it will shoot up 200 points and stay there until the next morning.

My glucose readings tend to rise overnight. I’m not alone in this. It happens to many diabetics as the body produces glucose to keep vital organs functioning while you sleep.

At first, I just need to get the diabetes under control. If the half raw food, half bean soup works, I should be able to reduce or eliminate my meds even without heavy exercise and walking.

I’m not going to eliminate moving my body and working my finances, but the vegan diet as a permanent way of life is non-negotiable. I went vegan before a saw this video, but Yourofsky’s video sealed the deal.

The gong is a personal plan for me and me alone. I’m not telling anyone to follow my lead. Every article now seems to need a disclaimer to deal with pussies out there who want to blame everything wrong in their lives on someone else.

If you are a serial victim, read this medical disclaimer. Only you are responsible for your actions or lack thereof.

But I will share what I do over the next 12 weeks and beyond in these long weekly pdfs. As part of WS, I am creating content, promoting affiliate products, and working on a series of ebooks. I should be busy, but I am not locking myself into impossible “goals”.

To live the life I desire as a Perpetual Traveler, I need to have my health and wealth maximized.

While the goal is reversing diabetes to make my travels hassle free health wise, I don’t know what my sugar levels will be. I can take proper actions like eating a half raw/half cooked whole unprocessed foods. This can be done anywhere in the world.

Once I have the diet under control, I can layer in other actions to help with the blood sugars, mostly walking and going to the gym. I can’t always get out to walk, and I’m too lazy right now to spend much time in the gym, but I can control what I eat.

I have to be careful not to overreach. Setting goals too high as I tend to do just leads to feeling like a failure.

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