Must-Have Affiliate Marketing Tools

Must-Have Affiliate Marketing Tools

hey guys what’s going on in this video I’m gonna share my top online business tools with you these are tools that I use in my business every single day and you’re gonna see how I use them what what do I use them for and how you can use it in your own online business so before we start make sure to LIKE this video subscribe to my channel for more videos if you’re not a subscriber and also hit the bell icon to get a notification when a new video comes out because I’m doing a video every single day so let’s get started so to make this whole thing easier to understand I put them in three different categories so it’s gonna be you know kind of in order and nicer and easier to explain for me at the same time so the first category I’m going to talk about is the optimization – or the tracking category so basically in this mint in this category I’m using different tools a lot of different tools actually but I’m gonna talk about two important ones the first one I use is clickmeter okay so this this is a tool that is helping me to pretty much understand what’s going on in my business for example it helps me to understand how many visitors I’m getting from a specific traffic source how many opt-ins I’m getting from it and how many cells I’m getting from it so it’s it’s absolutely important you know obviously what’s going on and how a specific campaign is working because you need to track that right you need to be able to track how a specific campaign is performing so you can either improve it you know make it better or if it’s not working good enough you can just stop it so it’s gonna save you a lot of money obviously so clickmeter is a software that it that does that for me so again and it’s also free to start so you don’t have to pay anything it’s free – so obviously if you’re gonna use it a lot you’re gonna have to pay but it’s and that’s the tool that helps us to track my clicks track my conversions obtain cells and all that stuff which is really really nice and it’s helping me a lot to understand my business better and understand my campaigns better the second one I’m going to talk about is hot jar now this is a different tool it’s actually helping me to understand the behavior of my traffic on a specific page for example and it helps me to understand why someone did not convert on a landing page so I can improve it to make it better so it’s going to help me to increase the conversion rate of my campaigns my you know traffic and all of that stuff so let’s say I’m running a YouTube ad right there’s a link on the YouTube ad that goes and there’s a link to my opt-in page so that link is created using clickmeter so that link is created using clickmeter is going to the opting page on the opt-in page people are going to enter in a name hot jar is also at the same time tracking the visitors behavior right so if they opt-in the conversion is going to be recorded and clickmeter so I’m gonna understand so I’m gonna be able to know what they did on the opt-in page and also whether they convert it or not so again it’s just gonna help meet these two two tools are gonna help me to understand what’s going on and how everything is working so it’s these are two important tools and that’s why I actually put them in the beginning of the video because they’re absolutely important then they’re helping me a lot to understand what’s going on in my business and they’re saving me a lot of money and making me a lot making me a lot of money at the same time – alright so that’s the first category so the second category is automation tools and these are tools that are helping me to make things faster and easier so it’s absolutely important and they’re helping me a lot to you know making my life easier in general so the first one is my email automation tool and in this case I’m using a vapor there are a lot of different software’s that you can use for your email marketing services but I use a Berber and because I’ve been using them for a long time now everywhere is the tool that is helping me to send emails you know make everything automatic you know automatic emails and all of that stuff and it’s managing pretty much 80% of my business is on a vapors so it’s an important tool to me and it’s making me a lot of money and again I’ve talked about email marketing and the importance of it obviously in past but I’m gonna mention it again if you don’t have emails or if you’re not collecting data in your business you don’t have a business so it’s absolutely important to have email marketing setup in your online business the second one the second tool is obviously the outsourcing tools in this case I’m using fiber and upward now these are tools that help me to hire people to do things for me so again it’s just going to make my job easier makes me to spend more time actually thinking strategy and a half to have to do things on how to grow the business in general instead of you know spending my own time doing things by myself so these are two important tools that are helping me to automate my business and make things faster third and last category is web tools and these are tools that are helping me to create pages websites opt-in pages for my campaigns and all of that stuff so they’re really really important obviously so the biggest tool that I use for my effort and for this purposes is leadpages leadpages is a software they can buy online that is helping that is helping me to create leadpages sometimes even websites you know pages that I need for different purposes and all that stuff and it’s a great option especially if you’re starting your business it costs like thirty seven dollars a month I think and it’s not that expensive and also it gives you the ability to create really beautiful pages so it’s it’s a really good thing if you care about design it’s a really great tool okay so guys let me know if you have any questions this is pretty much for this video now if you have a question leave a comment under this video also like this video subscribe to my channel for more videos that hit the bell I can’t to get notifications when your video comes out also quickly the link in the description to go to my webinar because I’m gonna have a webinar soon and I’m gonna talk about a fluid marketing and how you can start your affiliate marketing business to make 100 dollars a day in the next week okay so make sure to get on that webinar because it’s absolutely important and you’re gonna learn a lot of awesome stuff so so I’ll see you the next video and also in the webinar talk to you later

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