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A New Stoic Life
A Stoic Life

The Stoics

March 8, 2017

'Not only one of the best but also the most comprehensive treatment of Stoicism written this century.' –Times Literary Supplement
Stoic philosophy had a profound effect on thought and conduct in the ancient world, and has continued to influence philosophers and thinkers from the Renaissance to the present day. Professor Sandbach, in this brilliant and original study, presents the main outlines of the system, concentrating in particular on the ethical teaching, historically the most important facet of the Stoic philosophy. The author traces the changes in doctrine and emphasis through the centuries, gives an account of individual thinkers and writers and describes the role played by adherents of the Stoic faith in contemporary society. The Stoics will be welcomed both by classicists and philosophers as well as by the general reader, as a lucid exposition of an important philosophy.
"Will prove lucid for the uninitiated and stimulating for the specialist.' –Classical Review
'He writes with conspicuous clarity and accuracy, and he has the gift for expressing fundamental ideas in a fresh and memorable way.'
–Times, Higher Educational Supplement

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