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A New Stoic Life
A Stoic Life

The Stoics

March 3, 2017

In The Stoics Diogenes Laërtius details the lives and philosophical opinions of the first Greek Stoic philosophers: Zeno of Citium, Ariston of Chios, Herillus of Carthage, Dionysius the Renegade, Cleanthes of Assos, Sphaerus of Bosphorus and Chrysippus of Soli.

Laërtius’ main sources were Favorinus and Diocles of Magnesia, but his work also draws (either directly or indirectly) on books by Antisthenes of Rhodes, Alexander Polyhistor, and Demetrius of Magnesia, as well as works by Hippobotus, Aristippus, Panaetius, Apollodorus of Athens, Sosicrates, Satyrus, Sotion, Neanthes, Hermippus, Antigonus, Heraclides, Hieronymus, and Pamphila.

The Stoics provides fascinating insight into the private lives of the Greek Stoics, giving a voice to those early, important Stoic thinkers whose influential works have long since been lost.

Montaigne wrote that he wished that instead of one Laërtius there had been a dozen.

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