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This page is the first one in the series that will be posted in my main blog over the next 365 days. This page will be made active on July 1st, 2020.

As of that date, radicalibms.com will become a major force to be built.

My job, if you will, is to create 3000+ words of new content each day for my various blogs.

In addition, I have to work seriously to control diabetes completely. I have no other job as important as controlling my health. It’s about time that I put in place my own diabetes system, which includes eating whole food plant-based fruits and vegetables, and not eating until my blood sugar is under 100.

This has been the difficulty in the past. I can easily get my blood sugar under 100 by fasting. But as soon as I start eating again, it shoots up and stays up for a long while. By not eating when my blood sugar is over 100, I am probably restricting myself to one meal a day at least for the first 21 days or so.

Now that’s really not a problem. Think about it. If people can easily do a water fast for 21 days and take in no calories, then a big meal of cruciferous vegetables and my famous vegetable soup is not going to be a problem. I imagine after a period of about one month, I should be able to eat more than one meal a day or introduce some starches into my diet. I may eat a few plantains or sweet potatoes anyway.

The value of the starches is that they’re cheap. If you eat rice and pasta, beans and a little sauce, you can eat for $3 a day easily. But at this point, I can’t tolerate the starches.

Over the next year, I have to create the healthiest me I can create.

With all that has been going on with the Coronavirus and the widespread riots around the country, we need to ask if these attacks are just an attack on civilization, or something else.

It actually looks like a two prong attack on our country. The elites at the top, like governors and mayors, are acting in an illegal fashion and making demands on citizens that are destroying many low-income people’s lives.

From the bottom, we get black lives matter and then antifa destroying monuments and burning cities. So far, the elites are doing next to nothing to stop the destruction.


Could it be that their aims are basically the same? Are the elites waiting for total destruction so they can swoop in to compose a new system on the country?

I write most of these daily pages in advance. That way, if I have the need for a sick day, I have something in the can to take its place.

See you in a year with more than 1 million words posted.

1. I am at Panera Bread in Atlantic Beach for the first time in three months. I’m so excited.

Over the past three months, I have been unable to get very much done in regards to my new online business. Now I have no excuses.

The biggest change in the way I do my writing each day is Google Voice typing. I am kicking myself that I did not learn to do this a couple of years ago. If I had, I would be millions of words ahead and posting online and in writing Kindle eBooks.

This morning, I was the first customer in the dining room at Panera Bread. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

It really shocks me that the Wi-Fi in the restaurant is faster than the Wi-Fi we pay for at home.

What voice typing allows me to do is to eliminate my external keyboard and just use the regular one when necessary.

Also, Panera Bread makes better coffee than I do. For just $9 a month in a subscription, I have unlimited coffee that I don’t have to make. it’s cheaper than making it at home.

The date is June 8th 2020, and this is going to be the new date for my one year build-up of my blogs, books, and health.

2. My new blog – Radical IBMs* – is going to be my main business model and location to manage the rest of my blogs and ebooks.

The time has come for men my age to step back up onto the stage and move this country in the right direction. However, we cannot do that until we get ourselves in the best physical, financial, and emotional states that we can be in.

3. Over the next year, I have to do all I can to build up my body and to protect my health before I begin to travel again throughout the world. I am depending on UF Health to help me get rid of diabetes and to protect my prostate from any further damage.

4. I just checked to see if Planet Fitness was open, and it is. For some reason, I missed the email that told me it was open from May 27th. What that means is that I’ve missed over 10 days where I could have been working out.

UPDATE: Planet Fitness has reduced hours that do not fit my schedule, so I cancelled my membership. I have been with them for 5 years, mostly as a place to work out and shower when traveling.

5. Self-Quarantine

Isolation and self quarantine protect the public from people who may been exposed to disease.

Isolation separates sick people who may have a disease from those who have not been contaminated.

Recently, this whole idea of self quarantine of healthy people is exactly backwards from what we’ve always done. People were not allowed to go to work. People had to stay home and stay close to their family members which meant that exposure was increased compared to going outside.

In addition, people are being forced to keep social distancing in place. What this means is keeping 6 ft away from other individuals to slow down or prevent the spread of the virus.

One fallout from the social distancing rules is that most large social gatherings have been cancelled.

This meant that sporting events like the NCAA tournament w’re canceled. The University of Virginia had no chance to repeat its Miracle of 2019. Also, in Ponte Vedra, the PGA tournament cancelled the PLAYERS Championship after the first round.

This has gone on for 3 months. At this time in early June, we would be in the middle of the NBA playoffs. or possibly near the end of the playoffs.

What has been amazing to me is how little I miss most sports.

There are two sports that I think are going to suffer the most. One is baseball. Spring training was all but abolished, and the regular season hadn’t taken place.

Baseball sucks enough as a TV sport. The only way to watch a professional baseball game is in the sunshine in the cheap seats with a hot dog and a beer.

The most offensive rules being put down by state governors are regarding social distancing and the elimination of church services.

It seems like it’s okay to go to a liquor store, or a marijuana dispensary, but it’s not okay to have more than 10 people in the church sanctuary.

Add to the social distancing requirements, most leaders have required people or strongly encourage people to wear face masks. Now that just applies to the peasants, not to the governors and other leaders who are ordering these changes.

6. The Coronavirus Cometh

The coronavirus crisis, which has been overshadowed recently by The death of George Floyd in Minnesota, is creating the largest and deepest financial depression ever faced in the US.

This depression may actually be worse than the one that went from 1929 until 1946.

We now have about 46 million Americans out of work. Out of this 46 million, about 14 million will be out of work for good.

We are about to be bombarded with any combination of misinformation , misdirection, and economically snake oil being peddled by every politician of every stripe.

This Greater Depression was not caused by the Coronavirus. But it’s obvious that the overreaction to the virus is the reason that we are facing this greater depression.

Government intervention into the economy takes three forms – taxation, regulation, and currency manipulation. All three can be used to crush the average person, destroy their savings, and make them all dependent on the government to survive.

Government distortions in the economy over the last 30 or 40 years cannot easily be cleansed without a great deal of pain to the people.

People have experienced inflation in the past. We all know how it works. Our money is worth less, and our standard of living goes down. Everyone is less willing to save money if that money is going to be worth less in the near future.

The double whammy is that we will see inflation and recession at the same time.

In our economy, we see more luxury goods and services available than any time in human history. Even poor people have smartphones, expensive shoes, and air conditioning. During the recent riots, looters were stealing big screen TVs from the stores right in the eye of news reporters. No one did anything to stop them.

Yet the quality of life for middle and lower-income classes is fading.

Now I don’t know for sure, but I imagine that every one of those looters already has a big screen color TV. I just don’t know any way they might actually steal cable also.

Unemployment is rising to near unheard-of levels.

Many of the large brands that helped build America like Macy’s, Hertz, and others are facing bankruptcy. Some may survive. Others will not.

The misfortune of waking up and finding that you have no job and no way to support yourself is leading to depression and anxiety among millions of Americans.

It does amaze me how little Americans have in the way of savings or how to handle a long-term economic setback.

That said, proud people who work their whole lives are now being forced for the first time to wait in long food lines.

We are in the midst of the single biggest takeover of humanity ever attempted.

Pathetic does not nearly begin to describe the slave like or sheeple behavior of the American population.

I do not expect much courage or deep thought from the people of the United States.

Mass dissent is necessary to reverse this horrendous government action. But in my mind, it’s better to take individual action to protect yourself and your family and leave the head cracking to the masses.

A fake virus pandemic is it travesty for the American people. It will be a choice between an inflationary and a deflationary depression.

The use of government power to assault the personal liberty and cut constitutional corners is never justified in a free society no matter what the emergency.

Covid-19 is the weakest of the serious blues and diseases we’ve had since 2002. We’ve had West Nile virus, SARS, bird flu, swine flu, Ebola, and zika virus.

We have been making decisions without having reasonable data upon which to base it. It is impossible to make claims about any fatality.

Pre-existing health conditions matter greatly in assessing the cause of death. Most of the deaths occur in people over the age of 65 who have underlying diseases like diabetes, heart disease, or lung problems.

Over the last few decades, epidemic disasters have been predicted many times and it never turned out to be anything as bad as feared. The one exception might be Ebola which scares the hell out of me.

The approach by governments around the world is to quarantine citizens, shut down all supposedly non-essential stores and businesses, and limit the size and even the times when citizens and residents can leave their homes.

This is a desperate attempt to limit the spread of the virus.

Or is it?

The number of individuals permanently fired from jobs which will never return is staggering. It will get worse over time. Supply chains have been disrupted. Contracts have been broken, rents left unpaid, unemployment lines increased by the millions, and 50% of us consumers are maxed out on their credit cards.

The economic and personal Damage Done to American citizens is not only severe but most likely irreputable.

7. the attack on civil liberties

The attack on individual incomes is only one part of the government’s problem dealing with a coronavirus.

The bigger problem is the attack on civil liberties. I don’t know if this was the original idea all along.

The government has been absolutely shameless in seizing new powers. This is like 911 on steroids. You can always count on the government to take advantage of a crisis, legitimate or manufactured.

The government has decided to declare certain businesses essential and make others non-essential.

If you have a small business or you have a job in a small business, you believe every job is essential. If a job was not essential, then it would not exist.

Everything some alarmist writers have been telling us for years has come true. We now live in a society that is controlled by red-light cameras, massive surveillance, and militarized police.

It’s no surprise that a number of Americans are killed every year by the police. Black or white.

By dividing us along racial lines, politicians and government dogs are able to have us kill each other or hate each other instead of banding against our common enemy.

There is talk on many levels of new controls and procedures like immunity passports and cell phone tracking to see if infected people are having contact with the general population.

All I will take is a few drones with cameras to peer into your bedroom to make the control complete.

These assume powers for lockdown are not likely to be rescinded after the alleged crisis has passed.

Can the Constitution and the Bill of Rights survive?

All of the lockdown powers assumed by governors and mayors violated the Constitution. The legislators did not pass any new laws that said if a virus hits the area that you can force people to stay indoors, not go outside, not go to the park, and not even go to church.

Here are some of the things that have been happening:

Schools at all levels from elementary to kindergarten to college have been cancelled.
Gatherings of more than 10 people have been prohibited in most States.
In Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Nevada, non-essential businesses have been ordered closed.
In Washington DC, residents who venture outside during the lockdown have faced a fine of up to $5,000 and 90 days in jail.
Kentucky residents have been prohibited from traveling outside their state.
Churches have been curtailed, but cannabis dispensaries I’ve been declared essential.
More than 14,000 National Guard members have been enlisted to help the local police maintain these rules. This was before the recent outbreaks of riots throughout the United States.

While we may act like the sheeple we are, we can tolerate most government overreach for a short period of time because we don’t have enough information to know the dangers of the coronavirus.

However, we should not lose sight of the long-term implications of the government turning these restrictions into something permanent.

8. Forced Poverty – The Coronavirus Factor

Practicing poverty can be a great exercise when times are good and you are getting prepared for times that will inevitably be worse.

The trouble with the coronavirus was the government has forced its citizens into practicing poverty. It’s never the same when it’s forced upon you as when you choose when and where and how to practice.

About 46 million Americans are out of work and have applied for unemployment compensation. Some have been able to return to work. Others will have to look for new jobs that don’t exist, or create side hustles.

Some are more lucky enough to make more money from the unemployment money from the government than they did in their low-paid restaurant jobs.

Many others have had trouble even qualifying for their state or the federal benefits.

As the riots have shown, the lockdown for the coronavirus may be the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on a country. In fact, it’s been applied to most of the developed world.

Supply chains have been broken. Pigs, chickens, and cattle are being slaughtered because the farmers cannot afford to feed them any longer when the slaughterhouses have been shut down due to the virus.

While some economists are predicting food shortages, I don’t believe that’s going to happen. We waste so much food in the US that it’s not difficult to feed everybody as long as we take care of that waste. I have read that up to 27% of all food that goes to the grocery stores is wasted.

The easiest way to ease food shortages will be for people to convert to more of a vegetarian or even a vegan diet based on whole food and plant-based items instead of meat and fish.

It may sound funny, but switching to a vegan diet will save lives over time as people will eat less but better foods.

In India, millions of people who are barely surviving were beaten if they left their meager houses to go out and search for food. This sounds like North Korea, or maybe the Ukraine during the Stalin era. In the Ukraine, starving people were once forced into cannibalism.

People caught outside trying to go to a store during the original lockdown in India were beaten with canes by their police.

People look around and see that not many people are dying. This is especially true among young people who are being closed up inside their houses instead of being allowed to go outside in the sunshine and get vitamin D.

This is what starts conspiracy theories. Could this be a false flag event that has been planned for some time to cover up and a pending economic collapse that was about to happen because of corrupt Banking and government policies?

At the beginning of this virus panic, the general population was frightened into believing that the coronavirus was a threat to all life on the face of the Earth.

For one thing, travel and movement is becoming less possible every day. Some of the airlines are trying to return to normal but every time they attempt to fly full planes, they are shot down and criticized by the media.

Some European countries are considering banning Americans from traveling to their countries.

All of these restraints on individuals taking action in their best interest is a form of forced poverty.

There are plans in place to digitize all money which in and of itself would put governments and Banks in control of all commerce, and would destroy freedom.

I don’t know which form this new digital currency will take, but it will not be a current one like Bitcoin because that is out of the control of governments.

9. Stoic Suggestions

Stoic philosophy as many suggestions for how individuals can handle the virus lockdown.

Stoic share one major philosophy with Buddhist and Jains. This is the doctrine of no attachments.