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101 Days to Ho Chi Minh City

Setting annual business plans or New Year’s resolutions remains an exercise in frustration. And yet we all want to do it. We plan and plan using a best case scenario knowing anything from an illness to a freak snowstorm can knock us off our game.

I believe I can turn my current life around and be on the way to Vietnam in 101 days from today.

Amazingly, my plan ends on the Fourth of July, 2017. How fitting. Freedom is on my mind.

To be free to travel, I have to up my game mentally, physically, and financially. We all have obligations we have taken on that must be adjusted or shed to get us where we want to be.

The 101 days is an effort to focus the mind.

Why Vietnam when I spent my youth staying away from that place? For Introvert Boomer Males without a history fighting there, Vietnam appears to be in a fast growth position with an educated population, low wages, and decent technology infrastructure.

I do know veterans who will not go near the place. I considered Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Cebu or Palawan in the Philippines, and these places would be in line for expansion if HCM City works out.

My objective is 2 fold:

1. hire and train young women as Internet marketers

2. create an international marriage agency (the right way) for women willing to marry IBMs

Setting up the agency will be expensive. Having a team of women who will promote my blogs and affiliate products should turn into the marriage agency base. If the marketing firm is making money, it will be easy to shift the better workers over to running the website and recruiting local women for inclusion in our directory.

Salaries in Vietnam make it possible to hire 5 – 10 employees for the price of 1 in the United States. Maybe even more with virtual employees.

I won’t go into all of the details here, but young Vietnamese women by the thousands have been marrying older Korean and Taiwanese men for years now. Talk about abusive marriages. Many will see American and other Western men as a desirable alternative.

For me to make the move, I have so many fires to put out and self-improvements to enact, that 101 days looks more like a minimum than a maximum. All people deal with health, wealth, and relationship issues when trying to maximize their life themes. I am no different.

My challenges are unique to me, but you may face some of the same issues:

1. Type II Diabetes

There’s no way I want to travel overseas without having my diabetes and blood sugar under control naturally. I know what I have to do, but like an addict, I keep eating sweets and avoiding vigorous exercise.

101 days is more than enough time to get in shape and keep my sugar cravings under control. When you are traveling in SE Asia, sugary foods are seldom an issue. But you have to be virtually diabetes free to handle the rice.

I just don’t want to be dependent on insulin, pills, or exotic vitamins.

2. AAI (Anytime, Anywhere Income)

I firmly believe that everyone – either employed or on Social Security Income – needs a side hustle.

Affiliate marketing is the ultimate side hustle for beginners. It costs nothing to get started, and you can get paid quickly into your PayPal account or bank account.

When you travel, you can access your funds from most countries in the world, or transfer to a credit card and use the card for most expenses.

For me, I want a recurring income of at least $100 per day by July 4th as a way to fund my travel. It’s great to go online and see that income growing day by day while you fulfill your bucket list.

Note: I have a corporation to pay my expenses for my travel. I write a travel blog, and this travel is a legitimate expense. See: Check with your attorney or accountant for ways to write off your expenses using corporations, LLCs, and trusts.

3. Relationships

I have been out of the dating game so long I have no idea where to begin. Currently separated but not divorced, I have no game.

Now is the time for me to brush up on PUA techniques even though you don’t need them overseas. Moped prostitutes and massage parlors will shave off any horns.

Practicing being a confident pickup artist will put you in good stead with non-sex workers in every country on Earth. It’s good to have a hobby in retirement.

Bottom Line:

Choose your life theme. Give yourself some deadlines to focus the mind. Take action.

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