Ho’oponopono is about cleaning your mind.  I don’t know if it really works, but it doesn’t hurt.  But cleaning has to be about more than that. I need to clean my personal physical space as well, starting with my desk.

I do begin each day by making the bed, but that’s easy, because I sleep on top of it.

My system works better when I wake up early in the morning.  Today I slept until 4:10 am, which is a little past the 3:33 I shoot for, but it’s still okay.

While I don’t require myself to go to the gym each day, I will go as many days as possible.  As I begin to go ascetic, I will shave and shower in the gym as many days as possible to shift those household expenses to Planet Fitness.

According to Sir Richard Branson, working out first thing in the morning makes one more productive – up to 4 hours a day more productive.  And who can argue with his results over the decades?

I feel it already.  I am only lifting light weights at this point, but I begin the day with 30+ minutes on the treadmill.  Walking in Florida is better done outdoors, especially at Jax Beach. Nothing like sunshine to get that vitamin D.  But the treadmill is valuable because it helps straighten my back and improve posture.

One thing I used to do was multitask on walks.  That needs to be returned to my treadmill time instead of just watching Sports Center or news on the big screens.

I like to combine walking with ho’oponopono and deep breathing.  I find my mind and lungs are living off shallow breathing. Buck up.

That said, Planet Fitness should be a part of every perpetual traveler’s life.  For $22 (tax included), you have the gym and massage tables and a fantastic locker room to get right with the world.  Even homeless people with bank accounts should make this their place to clean up and wash out some clothes.

Cleaning will require that I scan all of my old notebooks while taking notes before shredding.  Also, I will scan and box up any old black and white photos I have from Peace Corps days.  At some point, I want to buy a scanner for my old slides and do the same for those.

Cleaning won’t stop here.  I am going to break down and super clean the entire house and yard over 99 days.  That includes the kitchen, garage, her bedroom, the Florida room, and carpets.

When it comes to watching TV, I have to decide what to do.  I don’t want any more primary goals over the 99 days, but I do want to cut down on television.  I need to limit it to live sports and recorded shows that I can binge watch late at night before going to bed.

Another trick to help finish the 3,000 words each day is to not watch any TV or YouTube videos until the day’s work is done.  Combine that with fasting and I should get up to 1,000 words an hour by the end of the month.

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