Fiscal Year

Fiscal Year

Every year on my birthday, I begin a new fiscal year.

Unfortunately, in the past, most of these years have turned out to be something like a New Year’s Resolution.

I began with high hopes and new projects only to see them wither away within a few weeks.

Why should this year be any different?

Because I’m now 67 years old. I don’t have the luxury of time. While I never really had the luxury of time, when you’re younger, you think you have many years to get life right.

Youth is truly wasted on the young.

For the next year, I have a number of big visions and projects that I need to complete. Time is of the essence.

And first, I’m going to be testing out some task management strategies from Robert G Allen and a simple book he called The Four Maps.

These maps do something very critical that has not happened over the previous years that I’ve tried putting in a solid fiscal year.

For one thing, each day you map out your ideal lifestyle and three items that you want to get done. The rest of the so-called to-do list you just put aside. The four maps are all about keeping your eye on the prize. I just hope I can continue beyond what I will be doing which is a 30-day test.

I have many things coming up in regards to my health over the next month, and I believe I will need prostate surgery.

Well, problems like this can derail any type of activity, I have to try and turn my current situation and my current health issues into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Over the past five years, I have been stuck in Jacksonville taking care of my mother. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am the world’s worst health care provider.

But instead of taking this time to write books and build websites, I have spent most of that time wallowing in self-pity, watching TV, and just getting older without concentrating on a real purpose.

For the next 365 days, I will begin each day with a PDF file then I will make into a nice PDF using designrr.

This is a place where I create my contact base for all of my e-books, posts, articles, and web pages.

My mission is to create over 1 million words of new content in the cloud.

By doing three thousand words a day, I can create a million words in one year which is a big part of the four Maps.

My daily PDFs are just the rough draft for the rest of my online life.

These will always be a ramblin’ journal of small things that I do each day, articles I read, and what is going on in the world.

While I hesitate to do a full one year of pain in agony, time is running out.

On days when things are out of control such as getting surgery or having to deal with a family crisis, I have a number of older articles and pages that I can use to fill that day’s quota.

Of all the jobs I have every day, nothing is more important. While I have big goals like getting rid of diabetes completely, my diet is totally under control.

Unless I work hard enough to get a full-time income online, I can never fulfill my ideal lifestyle of becoming a perpetual traveler and going around the world each year. Different governments around the world have put in restrictions on international travel, so I don’t believe I would be able to do this until one year from now anyway.

During this one year, I need to maximize all of my domain names or eliminate them.


Retired from law, I've embraced minimalism and the digital age, focusing on ebook creation and revitalizing my online persona, while returning to my perpetual traveler lifestyle.

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