How You Know YOU Aren’t HER First Choice & Why You Should Dump Her if You Aren’t

What’S up my brothers in this video, i want to expand on a question that came up a few times on uh some blunt truce about the interactions between men and women, with attraction desire and all that a lot of people asked. How do you know if you’re not her first choice because card up on the top right? I want you to watch it later, but i did this video on some blunt truce and one of them was a lot of women. You know end up settling or marrying uh with guys that they aren’t the first choice. Um and some in some regards they’ve been alpha widowed, meaning um they’re, still pining for a guy. That kind of left them somebody that they saw as higher value, but they couldn’t lock down, but there’s a few reasons behind it. I want to. I want to give you some actionable advice with this one so that you can actually do some do some work early on screening um. You know for those of you that are in a long-term relationship or especially in a marriage. It’S tough to untie the knot, but um i print it up straight out of my book, the um section on desire uh. If you’re, not on my email list, the book’s done we’re just doing the title and the cover right now. Um i’ll put a pop-up banner on the top right uh. If you click that and often to my list, you’ll get the 20 red flags chapter for free but um in this segment. You have to understand the concept of genuine burning desire when it comes to women, see women want, at the end of the day, to have genuine burning desire for a man. It’S guys like this that they often get alpha widowed by meaning. You know they want to be with this guy but of course he doesn’t reciprocate and feel the same. So to answer the question for guys that are going well, how do i know that? I’M not her first choice. Well, it’s easier to know if you’re her first choice if she exhibits some of these behaviors, and these will show up early on when you’re dating with women that have high desire she’ll show up in time. She’Ll call text you without making the first attempt she’ll respond quickly. She’Ll enter your frame. She’Ll compliment your life, not be the focus of it. She’Ll ask you, questions to get to know you should buy your random gifts. Make you meals, follow you closely on social media. She will message you first on a dating app she’ll, always respond quickly and show up for dates with makeup and nice clothes and enthusiastically be intimate with you. I can’t say some of these things here, because they’re not good for youtube, so i’ll skip those uh she’ll, often initiate intimacy with you unprovoked. This is what a woman behaves like when she has genuine burning desire for a guy. This is a guy that she deems as her first choice. Women will never behave this way and settle for some beta pleb. Some second choice: if she doesn’t have that genuine burning desire for the dude now the indifference category is an interesting one, because indifference is what most women will end up settling for when it comes to marriages and long-term relationships where they don’t pick their first choice. They pick their maybe third or fourth choice. So this is what indifference. Behavior looks like guys that are in a marriage, a sexless marriage. You know, for example, a lot of this will resonate, perhaps even echo, but indifference looks like so when women are indifferent, they reschedule and cancel on dates. They ask for more than they give they become, they sometimes become confrontational, often in a longer term relationship or if you’re, in a marriage where you were not her. First choice: uh, the confrontational and bitchiness. Is it just it’s like a snowball? It just picks up more and more she’s going to test you often, which is of course, competency test. You, women, competency, test men when they’re not sure that they’re the best that they can do. You know it might often be something basic like. Oh, why can’t you fix the lawnmower right or why are you unable to clear the driveway of snow when it’s, you know a blizzard like? What’S the matter with you bill bob can do it for sally sort of thing right, um, so she’ll, uh test you more often she’ll, take long to respond to texts or calls. She won’t put much effort into her appearance. When you see her she’ll, rarely ask you. Questions to get you know you, this is early on. You know in the dating phase you’ll, if you message them on dating apps, they’ll be slow to respond. They’Ll probably be even days of like complete uh absence like crickets for three days or even couple of weeks and she’ll give you some nonsense. You know story about, oh how she was busy with some project at work. Sure, while she’s getting her back blown out by chad right so they’ll, rarely ask you, questions uh they’ll be slow to respond. Her interest in the bedroom will not be very high uh. She won’t do a lot of things with you whenever a woman says something like. I don’t do that. You always have to insert with you at the end of it right. So if there’s something that you have a preference for in the bedroom, for example – and she says well, i don’t do that or that’s not something that i like to do. Always add with you at the end of it, because that’s really what she’s saying in her head, because she’ll do it with another guy that she has high desire for that she’s enthusiastic for right and she’ll also rarely initiate sex. These are usually the guys that end up in the uh sexless type of marriages where they get really really frustrated. So i hope that adds some clarity. I mean you if you’re gon na get into a marriage type of scenario which again guys and vehemently opposed to marriage in the way the state you know, uh likes to run it today, but if you’re, you know, if you’re hell-bent on choosing that path in life, You should only choose it with women that have strong genuine burning desire for you, as i just described, get on my email list. The book will be out very very soon, it’ll be a great read, it’ll, be on amazon on kindle and print i’ll. Do the recording myself, which will take some time so that’ll be later, but it’ll, be a great resource for guys. Um it’ll be good for unplugged. Guys, it’ll be a whole bunch of conversations that your dad should have had with you that he never did, which i’ve distilled into a book. From all the lessons that i’ve learned in the coaching that i’ve done so choose women that choose you, that’s really what it boils down to guys stop chasing women chase excellence, women that don’t have a lot of strong interest and desire in you do not wife them Up do not get into any kind of long-term relationship. The long-term payoff is not good. The roi is quite low, i’ll, be doing some future videos and some other topics tied in around that. But again guys choose women that choose. You hope you guys have an amazing day check out the links pin below in the top comment. There’S stuff there to join my men’s community book. One-On-One coaching request, video topics, all that stuff see you guys later peace, you

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