Leaving Coronavirus Behind

Leaving Coronavirus Behind

Leaving the Coronavirus hooks behind is only possible for individuals, not for government workers who continue to seek power over our everyday lives.


Those in charge never let a crisis go to waste. It doesn’t even have to be a good crisis.


After 9/11, we saw our freedoms eroded and useless wars started in the Middle East.


The pandemic will fundamentally change work, education, government and personal relationships in ways both good and bad.


Remote work during the pandemic is changing the way offices will be run forever. Employers will be less reluctant than ever to purchase expensive real estate or to rent expensive office space.


I spoke to people who are working at home during the lockdown who are being asked to go back to their call center jobs in Boca Raton. The problem is with the new social distancing rules, they can only fit about 30% of their former employees into their office space.


It’s not the call center operators who want to go back to having everybody on the premises. Some of the pushback is coming from clients like Dish Network and AT&T.


When people have computers, Wi-Fi, and high-speed internet at home, traditional work spaces are largely redundant. Also the need for middle management will be reduced even more.


A danger for employees is that their current jobs will be replaced by the gig economy. It’s inevitable.


Why should an employer pay for office space and equipment that the worker already has?


The pandemic has shown employers that tremendous sums of money currently being spent on overhead in physical workspaces can be saved by shifting more employees to remote work.


Some of the biggest losers in the workplace are managers who fly around the country to have meetings and to sign documents. Even at my brother’s bank, many transactions that used to require personal face-to-face interaction are now being done with digital signatures. Goodbye expense accounts, expensive restaurant meals, and frequent flyer miles to fund your next vacation.


Hello Zoom.


If it were not for parents going crazy taking care of their young children during the lockdown, we should probably leave the public schools behind. They are extremely expensive to operate and serve as little more than babysitting.


For whatever reason, patriotism in the public schools has been replaced by teaching everybody that their little group is a victim.


But let’s say the schools continue, and everybody got a good education. Nobody believes that the current educational system is training people for the jobs of the future because we don’t even know what those jobs will be.


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