Medication Management Using AI Companion Robots

Medication Management Using AI Companion Robots

Assisting seniors with medication management is crucial to ensuring their health and well-being. In recent years, the potential of AI companion robots to support older adults with medication adherence has gained significant attention.

These robots can provide valuable assistance by reminding seniors to take their medication, facilitating organization and scheduling, and engaging in interactive activities to enhance cognitive function and entertainment [1].

Researchers have recognized the feasibility and usefulness of using AI companion robots for medication management among older adults living alone. Orejana et al. conducted a study on the topic and explored the benefits of employing these robots to support seniors in managing their medication.

Their research demonstrated that AI companion robots could play a multifaceted role, not only reminding individuals to take their medication but also providing entertainment and engaging in memory games to enhance cognitive abilities [1].

Medication non-adherence is a common issue among older adults, which can lead to adverse health effects. However, AI companion robots offer a promising solution.

By providing reminders and organizing medication schedules, these robots can significantly reduce non-adherence risk and promote healthier and more independent living for seniors. This technology aims to bridge the gap between forgetfulness and adherence, ultimately improving overall health outcomes [2].

Furthermore, conversation-based medication management systems have been developed to address the memory loss associated with aging. These systems utilize companion robots and cloud-based technologies to assist older adults in taking their prescribed medication.

Multiple medications hamper most seniors.

By engaging in conversational interactions, the AI companion robots can effectively remind seniors to take their medication, ensuring they adhere to their prescribed regimens. This approach highlights the potential for AI technologies to positively impact medication management among older adults and improve their overall well-being [3].

In summary, AI companion robots have emerged as promising tool for assisting seniors with medication management. By providing reminders, organization, and even interactive activities, these robots can support older adults in adhering to their medication regimens.

Integrating AI technologies in medication management systems holds excellent potential for improving the health and independence of seniors, ultimately contributing to their overall quality of life.


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