Never Rely on Women For Companionship, Love or Housing

Never Rely on Women For Companionship, Love or Housing

What is up my brothers? We have a requested topic from a gentleman today in his mid-30s in the greater toronto area. That’S looking to get some better results out of life looks like in all areas. So let’s hop right into this and see what is up. He says: hey rich, i’m struggling with some issues in my life relating to my business as well as with women 34 years old, 5′ 6 around 140 pounds lives in the gta. I’Ve also been a stutterer. My whole life i am able to get by in regular conversations by substituting difficult words for different words that are easier to say but mean the same thing, but i have problems saying names, including my own. In other words, i can’t substitute it has made for very difficult sorry, it has made it very difficult when it comes to dating, as well as advancing my career yeah. You got to work that out. Bro. I’Ve talked about that in a few videos on my channel. So you can search that up uh, but there’s some work. You have to do there on yourself. I have my own business in the custom window covering industry sixth year i made 130 000 last year salary and that profit off 300 000 sales. My main goal in life is to be able to buy a house, but lately i’m feeling like that goal is unattainable as i live in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world, first off slow, clap for doing the work in creating a business. Most of them fail you’ve been doing it for six years, so congrats. So toronto is a expensive real estate market, but the good news for you, though dude, is right. Now it is currently depressed uh. I have a condo downtown uh, whose value has dropped about 10 or 11 percent since covid, so buying opportunities exists in the gta more on the core. So but there you have it given that i’m in the top 10 of incomers i’ve taken on considerable amount of stress in my business in order to get there. Yes, i know what that feels like, and this has left me very discouraged that i can’t even buy a small townhouse in the suburbs of the gta. I want a girlfriend in my life for the same reasons. Anyone else does for companionship, okay, sex. It also has, but also with the added benefit, that it would be an extra income to contribute to buying a home. I don’t think that these are good reasons to have a girlfriend more specifically, because your last point, this is something that you should not rely on. Anybody else, for from being honest, relying on a woman, is the worst thing you can possibly do to accomplish this task, because, more often, not because of hypergamy women date and marry up, which means your 130 000 is going to be met with somebody. That’S probably making 75 000, or maybe around that mark or so anyway. I’Ll talk a little bit more about that. As i continue through this request problem is, i never get very far with women and i’ve never had a relationship. I’Ve been doing online dating for years and only match with overweight women with kids. No thanks tried salsa classes. It turned out to be a sausage fest. I tried hiking groups, also sausage fest. Is it me or do women not have any hobbies all right? Let’S talk about that in a bit, i have dealt with a lot of depression in my life over women. Rejecting me. I feel like i’m doing more than enough to put myself out there, but not, but still not getting results, you’re not doing enough and i’ll deal with that in a moment as well. About two years ago, i noticed complete loss. Libido went to my doctor. Had my testosterone checked, free and total testosterone, which came back normal, a urologist later diagnosed me with depression, which is not a total surprise, as i have struggled with depression for most of my adult life, mostly due to rejection from women year after year, i have had One itis for the same girl for almost 10 years: okay, i’m not sure what to do going forward. I feel, like i’ve, improved my life over the years and gained nothing when it comes to women, i’m happy for any advice you can offer, as well as when buying a home, and that’s it i’m not going to scroll any further, because you link me to your Uh social, so i’ve had a look at you, um, okay, let’s go back up here and deal with these one after the other. Let’S deal with the loss of libido, all right, um, normal testosterone levels according to the government markers are not always healthy, testosterone levels, um. If you have a loss of libido a loss of morning, wood, less drive and focus in your life in focu in work, brain fog, all of these things are usually signs of low t or not or not. Having tea, that’s sufficient enough for you to accomplish those tasks. Do not ask your family doctor for help with this um i’m going to email, you, my endocrinologist, the clinic that i use for trt so bonus there for you, i’m not going to publish it here publicly on the channel, because i reserve this for my inner circle. Simply because i don’t want to overwhelm this guy, so i will. I will hook you up with him. I would definitely take a look at it and see what you can do to improve that. So that’s point one with drive um. So, as far as the girlfriend desire thing um, i’m okay, look i’m gon na i’m gon na backpedal a little bit here and say this is really what women should be bringing a table for you. Women are beauty objects to men um and, at the end of the day, dude a dog is a far better choice for companionship than a woman. Women are not permanent fixtures in our lives, they come and go. We know how they monkey branch. We know that their uh hypergamous nature is always having them ask themselves. Is this guy the best that i could possibly do so, if at any given point in time they feel like you’re? Not monkey branch is totally within. You know the scope of the response mechanisms. I think you’re putting too much weight on what women are going to do for you help you achieve financial goals, of course, intimacy and companionship, um yeah, mostly for this, and a little bit of this. If i’m, if i’m being honest and yeah, this is what you’re going to find on online dating apps for a good chunk of the guys out there that aren’t top shelf men um. So at your height and weight you look uh reasonably fit. I would put on some more muscle right, like there was one picture that i saw of you on instagram, with the bucket hat on, where you’re standing by the cottage. You look pretty good there um, but i would but i would focus on building more muscle. That’S gon na mean lifting weights, probably changing your diet a little bit. Maybe a lot um but you’re, not fat and you’re. Not skinny fat. You’Ve got some tone on you, but you need more at the end of the day, um the most attractive, visual cue to women and believe it or not. This is not height, dependent, uh, the height dependency or the height requirement that women have of six feet. Plus. That’S just their height requirement. At the end of the day, women look past that, with the existence of the v taper, it’s a 1.62 ratio of shoulders to waist. All you have to do is stand up against your glass shower door or something mark your shoulder width and then you’re going to mark your waist width right around here like right around your belt line. Okay, sorry, the audio probably clips out when i stand that high but get get the ratio, and then you want to figure out a way to improve that if you’re not on my email list, get on my email list today, um it’s below or i’ll put a Card up in the top right, it’s just the forward, slash red dash flags, i’m sending out an email this month on the exercises you need to do to develop a v taper, that’s an important part of it and something that you’re missing you’re, also missing. Uh out a little bit on style, if i’m being honest with you um do i have the book over here. Grab this book um go full screen. Tanner guzy wrote this appearance of power. It’S basically a book of um. It’S it’s got all the tips. You need to follow the right uh moves as far as aesthetics, and it’s not as hard as you think i mean i’m i’m sitting here before you wearing a merino wool, uh t-shirt. That’S it it’s just a nice v-taper t-shirt, um. The focusing mechanism here is not working so good. Let’S try this and boom there. We go, i’m just wearing a nice v-neck. You know, merino wool t-shirt it’s fitted, it looks good on me. You don’t need to spend 500 in every outfit. This is literally, i think, a 15 or maybe 20 t-shirt max, but because i work out – and i take care of myself and i eat properly – and you know i go to a dojo and i work out and i do all the cardio conditioning i’m pretty fit For 46, there’s not many people like there’s people that are considerably younger than me that can’t even keep up with me so um. If you want to get better results with women, especially because you’re a shorter guy you’re going to have to overcompensate in some other areas. Right because again, you know, you started to notice one of the first problems that you have is, of course, going to be tied in the height, and you end up getting stuck with overweight women with kids at the time of recording this. There is a course available for online dating which i will send you in an email link. You should get that course. Now. A lot of people complain about the results they get online or specifically with women. But when i make a collab effort with one of my friends from the rule, zero crew or somebody that puts out, of course, breaking down and organizing all the information that is required to get the better results you kind of skip over or sometimes you uh. You know point and sputter at it. That’S the wrong way to approach it. If you’re not getting good results, you’re going to have to make some investments in yourself, i’m actually surprised that salsa dancing was a sausage fest um. I’M not sure. I’Ve heard that before i’ve been told it’s a honey pot, i, like i don’t like i don’t do dance um. The kind of dance that i do is is not salsa dance anyway um, but there’s a lot of women that i’ve that i’ve met that have spent a lot of time in latin uh dance, uh classes, salsa, dance and stuff like that and from what i’ve been Told aaron, cleary’s uh basically said it’s like a honey pot and he was a dance instructor and there’s a lot of opportunities there. So maybe you should look around for some other opportunities, so hiking yeah you’re not going to get feminine attractive women in these groups. You will find them in dance classes, so i would take another stab at that. If that’s something that you like uh women, do have hobbies, but they’re not hobbies that men have right like you’re, not gon na women’s hobbies include shopping buying, stuff and hanging out with their girlfriends and guzzling wine at this age. You know for the most part uh at 34, with your entrepreneurial interests. I would go younger. I would i would go under the age of like 27 ish like stay away from epiphany phase and older, which is like 28 29 30, or so i would go younger because you’re what 34

Um and be selective, but you have to improve your sexual marketplace value um on a scale of one to ten, with 10 being the best version of yourself and one you know, you’re, not a tent. You know you’ve got some opportunities to improve, so you can improve the visual aesthetics um. It looks like you’re nearsighted, i’m i’m farsighted. I’Ve got uh on my table over here. Uh vision, correction services: this is from uh laser eye. Centers tlc i’m a candidate not for laser correction, but for clear lens replacement. If you can get your um eyes reshaped with laser you’d, look a lot better, the glasses! You have don’t look sharp and with the prescription um with near-sightedness it. It ends up belt. Bending the field of view, if i was a candidate for a laser i’d, do it at a heartbeat. This requires that i have to that. I have to actually change the um organic lens with a lens replacement, which is a much more invasive surgery, which is why i put it off, but i would definitely uh take a look at that as an opportunity um. So there’s a visual. You know the optics part of where you’re at which is important. You know you’ve. You know you’ve got to consider this when you’re looking to get results now, as far as the home buying thing at 130 thousand dollars, i’m not sure what your expenses are, but you do expensive uh do you do expensive at 300 000 a year in annual sales? I’M guessing no um, you know what you might want to look at doing. Actually, i noticed you’ve got a cottage and you might want to consider getting the hell out of toronto um the quality of women, in my view, in the toronto core, it’s very left-leaning, very liberally-ish and um. Not a big fan. There’S some attractive women down there, but not a big fan. Uh entitlement issues are off the chart. You’Re going to find uh lower cost of living for housing. You might want to move your business out of the toronto court, especially if you don’t have i mean you, don’t have any kids um holding you back, you’re, obviously not married, so you might want to consider like a relocation to a more favorable market. For you, cottage country, muskoka, kawarthas, um, the uh highlands uh. What’S it called north of the quarth, is i can’t remember what it’s called right now, but the highlands up there really really nice cottage properties, um, you’re, obviously an outdoorsy kind of guy. It seems like you already have one – maybe maybe try to focus on doing high-end cottages in that area, because there’s a lot of money getting poured into those. I know a lot of people um that are busy as hell doing all kinds of work on very, very high-end cottages, so they need window coverings too. You might want to consider that that would be another opportunity, because uh yeah, the gta, does kind of suck, and i would not encourage anybody to uh bring a or invite a woman into their life just so they can buy a house. You want companionship get a dog; this is definitely going to come with it, but she needs to have genuine burning desire for you. Otherwise she will bounce at some point, which means there’s a little bit of work. You got to do on yourself, honestly, and i think we’ve recovered that point overall i like where you’re coming at with this. I think you’ve got a lot of opportunities uh in the coming years. I’M going to send you the information from my clinic, so you can check that out. We talked about meeting places online game, i’m going to send you a link to the course that’s available right now for online game. I strongly suggest you grab it, there’s something that you’re not doing right there, which i’m not going to be able to diagnose in like a one-liner here where you’re getting stuck with overweight women with kids and, of course, the optics of yourself and some style improvement would Be very, very useful. All right we’ll leave it at that. You guys have some comments. The comment section is open. Let him know what you think and um catch you guys in the next video peace. You

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