Raw Beginnings

Raw Beginnings

Raw Beginnings

Raw Beginnings

The more I read and learn, the more I understand that my fits and starts on rebooting my aging IBM (Introvert Boomer Male) ass is a hurdle faced by all who are successful.

I move back to health, wealth, and relationships – the 3 evergreen areas of life.

I have 3 main “goals” that if completed will make the rest of my life after the 100 day torture a life theme worth living.

Health – control and reverse diabetes
Wealth – create a recurring, full time income online
Relationships – free again to travel the world

Each one of these objectives requires a number of smaller actions. For example, to reverse diabetes, I might need to:

eat only real food
go for long walks at the beach in the Florida sun
cut out all sugar, processed carbs, wheat
lift weights at the gym at least 3 times a week
eliminate all grains
cross train for other aerobic activities
do some walkabout for building my online business
floss my teeth and fix my gum issues

What I am attempting to have the discipline of a Buddhist monk for 100 days. Damn.

I love donuts. Growing up in the South, a hot Krispy Kreme with all the gooey sugar brings comfort food to a whole new level.

And never just one.

I was in high school before Dunkin’ Donuts made it to Newport News, but my cousins in Michigan had turned me onto them during visits up north. I still preferred Krispy Kremes until I was older when less sugar and much better coffee sent DD soaring.

In recent years, KK has made a huge comeback, especially in places like NYC. Unfortunately, they are expanding into selling cold boxes in gas stations and convenience stores which will kill the brand.

Now I have diabetes.

So even if KK survives, it has no place in my diet for 131 days. Maybe forever.

Food is the one area that pisses me off. Unless you’re in prison, you control what you eat. You can choose a donut, or an apple. No one makes you eat junk food (even though advertisers try).

One show on TV that’s a guilty pleasure is My 600 Lb. Life. Until I developed diabetes, I could never understand how morbidly obese individuals could continue to stuff their faces until they could not move and eventually died.

According to the program, only 5% of the people who are faced with this challenge succeed, even with surgery.


Then I looked at my own diabetes and the difficulty I have eating the right foods to control my blood sugar naturally. I currently take 2 meds, but in 131 days I will be free. The challenge is to maintain 100% compliance.

My personality is addictive in nature. I don’t eat 1 donut, I eat 3.

Once I give in to sugar, it’s on to pie and ice cream. And cookies and crackers. And more.

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