Sovereign Individual

Sovereign Individual

What is a Sovereign Individual?

It’s hard to believe, but a book from 25 years ago remains relevant today:

The Sovereign Individual, a book written in 1996 by James Dale Davidson and William Rees-Mogg.

The concept of “The Sovereign Individual” that is described in this text presumes a society in which algorithms and AI provide more values than people.

I bought my copy when the book first came out, read it multiple times, but still need to work on becoming truly sovereign, especially in the age of COVID, inflation, and woke censorship.

I do love AI. Automation and artificial intelligence are here to stay.

What is a Sovereign Individual?

A Sovereign Individual is a person who has the freedom to live their life as they please. They are able to make decisions based on their own values and preferences.

A Sovereign Individual is someone who is free from any form of coercion or control, including the state, society, and other individuals. They have complete control over their finances, personal information, and data.

A Sovereign Individual can be anyone that wants to live this way – not just an individual or a small group of people. The number of people in this category has been growing in recent years with the rise of digitalization and technology.

Introduction to the Sovereign Individual: Who are they, what do they want, why do they need a new system?

The Sovereign Individual is a person who is free from the constraints of the current system. They are not subject to the rules and regulations of governments, corporations, and other institutions.

The Sovereign Individual wants to be free from these institutions in order to achieve their own goals and live their life as they see fit. This new system will allow them to do this by removing the influence of power brokers, middlemen, and gatekeepers that exist in our current society.


Why Do We Need a New System in the Post-Capitalist Society?

The current system is not sustainable, and it will only get worse. The economy of scarcity, which is the basis of our current economic system, is unsustainable.

The post-capitalist society has been on the minds of people for a long time now. It is a society where the means of production are not privately owned and there are no markets for buying and selling goods.

In this new system, there would be no scarcity in goods because everything would be provided by the government without any money exchanged. Instead, people would work to produce what they need or want to consume in order to have access to what they need or want.

Sovereign Individual as an Evolutionary Act

The Sovereign Individual is a concept that was first introduced by the French philosopher and author Jean-François Revel. It is defined as an individual who is free to pursue their own self-interest without being subject to the will of any other person or entity.

The Sovereign Individual has been associated with evolutionary theory and it has been used in various ways by political, economic, and social thinkers. The concept of the Sovereign Individual has also been criticized for its potential negative effects on society.

Sovereign Individuals are individuals who have evolved beyond traditional institutions like governments, corporations, religions, etc. They are individuals that have transcended these institutions because they do not rely on them for their existence anymore. They are able to exist outside of these traditional institutions because they now possess certain skills that allow them to survive.

Sovereign Individual’s Role in the Digital Age

With the rise of AI writing assistants and AI writers, people have started to question whether or not it is ethical to use these tools.

The Sovereign Individual’s Role in the Digital Age is about how AI will affect our daily lives. It explores how new technologies such as AI have changed the world, and what the future holds for us.

What is the Sovereign Individual’s Role in the New Economy?

The Sovereign Individual is someone who has the ability to make their own choices without the influence of governments, corporations, or other individuals. Their primary goal is to live their life on their terms and not be controlled by others.

The Sovereign Individual is someone who can choose how they want to live their life. They are not bound by the rules of society and can take control of where they want to go in life. They can decide how much money they want to spend on themselves, what’s important for them, what’s not important for them, etc.

The economy is changing rapidly as we transition into a digital world with AI assistants at our fingertips and we have seen a shift in power from individuals to companies such as Facebook and Google.

The Impact of AI on Digital Rights and Social Media

Social media is a platform where people can share their thoughts and opinions. With the rise of AI, it is now possible for AI to have a conversation with people on social media.

The impact of AI on digital rights and social media has been huge. It has helped in curbing online harassment and hate speech.

Some Key Takeaways:

  • The global digital economy and the internet are causing industrial era nations to lose their power.
  • The new societal class structure is forming where AI writers are replacing the industrial era blue collar/white collar divide that had previously kept the two distinguishable.
  • New classes of people have been created by the addition of electronic workers who are able to work remotely and have income based on location-independent work, such as being an online blogger.
  • The Class of Sovereign Individuals is an upcoming societal class that can be associated with the development of information in a society.
  • However, culture and societies are changeable and social class structures have been changing since before the industrial revolution.
  • Growth in AI skills will result in a rise of nationalism, violent class struggles and geopolitical conflict
  • The future looks digital and can only be met with embracing this change. Fortunes will be in favor of those that prepare for the forthcoming upheaval.

Are You Ready to Be a Sovereign Individual?

When it comes to the internet and social media, we are constantly exposed to the idea of being a “solo individual” or an “individual who is sovereign”. We are told that we can do anything and everything we want as long as it is on our own terms.

The truth is that this idea is not always true. There are some boundaries that you cannot cross without repercussions. For example, if you post a nude photo of yourself on social media, there could be legal ramifications.

If you want to take your privacy back from the surveillance state, then here are some guidelines for what you should do:

– Don’t use your real name online (use an alias)

– Keep your personal information private

– Use encryption software

– Use Tor Browser

I have not cared much about online privacy, but that has to change as the monitoring capabilities of governments around the world grow 5G stronger every day.

Conclusion of The Sovereign Individual and its Role in the New Economy

The Sovereign Individual is a book written by James Dale Davidson, which discusses how the modern world has been brought to its knees due to the rise of mass society.

The author believes that individuals are now able to take advantage of this new world and become independent from the power of large corporations and governments. The book discusses how individuals can make use of their skills and knowledge, while becoming more self-reliant in the process.

Becoming a sovereign individual is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication and patience. There are many things that you have to do if you want to become an independent individual.

Becoming self-employed as an individual is not easy but it’s worth the effort. Here are some tips for individuals who want to start their own business:

– Start small and work your way up, don’t try to jump into the deep end of the pool right away

– Find something that you’re good at and specialize in this skill

– Make sure that your business has a specific niche or focus area so that it’s easier for people to find you

– Invest in yourself – this means investing in yourself financially, but also investing in your skillset so that you can be more competitive

So much emphasis today is placed on cryptocurrencies, but I believe gold and silver are a better insurance policy for most individuals.

In conclusion, The Sovereign Individual encourages individuals to be their own best resource instead of relying on others for support.


Retired attorney, amateur anarchist, and urban survivalist now building a heightened online presence and preparing to return to the life of a perpetual traveler.

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