Unstuck Notes

Unstuck Notes

Unstuck Notes

I am stuck. I read. I take notes.

But when it comes to knocking out my first Kindle book, I am frozen in place.

As I get older, things are not often going my way. I am stuck at home as an unwilling health care giver, and I am unable to travel to the Czech Republic, China, or the Ukraine as I had planned.

With the current lockdown, these countries are off limits.

Often, you don’t know just how stuck you are. In reality, I have been under quarantine for over a year. But stuck I am. The Coronavirus has merely shown other family members how sucky my life has been.

Something is not right. Hell, much is not right.


Retired from law, I've embraced minimalism and the digital age, focusing on ebook creation and revitalizing my online persona, while returning to my perpetual traveler lifestyle.

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