UroLift Treatment for BPH Enlarged Prostate

UroLift Treatment for BPH Enlarged Prostate

Had a urolift 3 months ago. Great results.

Prostate health is a growing concern for men, as they age, enlarged, prostate, medically known as BPH, can affect as many as 70 % of men by the time they’re in their 60s, and only 1/3 of them seek treatment for their symptoms. So today, I’m with dr. Greg Andros to talk about a minimally invasive treatment option for BPH, but first dr. Andros tell us how DPH can affect the quality of health and your daily life. It can have a big impact.

The prostate grows on man’s entire life and as it grows it can affect the urination. It can cause a man to have trouble. Urinating could cause men waking up at night, multiple times weeks, dream trouble initiating stream. It can even lead to a complete blockage of the prostate, which can cause infections. It caused backup to the kidneys and kidney problems Wow.

So it’s very common. It sounds like it could be serious, but mostly problematic, but you say there are treatment options yeah. There are many treatment options. Typically medications and surgery have been the mainline therapies, a lot of side effects associated with both, so we’re excited to have some new technology and treating this common condition, and that’s your Oliv tell us about that. The arrow lift is a new technology where we’re able to put these small implants in the prostate and separating the prostate obstruction.

So opens the channel we’re able to do this right in the office with minimal invasiveness within an hour and they go home the same day from the office and usually back to work three to five days later fantastic. So it sounds like you’re Olaf to something for men to consider who want long, lasting results, one of the assets of the Euro lift. Is you alleviate the blocked prostate without removing the prostate, and this prevents the sexual side-effects? We often see with the medications and the surgery so with this procedure, we’re able to do the procedure without causing permanent effects on sexual function. Fantastic.

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